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capital resources, mergers, acquisitions
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capital resources, mergers, acquisitions capital resources, mergers, acquisitions
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It is said that the measure of a man is best described by those who know him..."   


CFA did a fantastic job of screening potential candidates, then walking us through the process and protecting our interests. Our CFA dealmakers have an understanding of the marketplace and they knew when you can push and when you can't. CFA certainly looked out for our interests. 

Jim Schneller, President (Seller) 

AVISTA, Incorporated 


CFA represented us very well. When you've never gone through something like this before, everything's all new. CFA did an excellent job of preparing us for what to expect. The sale went extremely smoothly. I was very pleased. I would recommend them in a minute." 

Deb Manternach, President (Seller) 

Cascade Die Mold, Inc. 


CFA is excellent. I would recommend them to anybody. The CFA dealmakers were extremely professional and very fair to both sides. Their idea was to put together a deal where everybody feels like they won. CFA did an excellent job of managing their client's (the seller) expectations. When issues came up, which they always do in a deal, I think CFA did a marvelous job of finding solutions. As a buyer, you quickly judge the intermediary who is representing the other guy. You watch carefully for how he acts. The CFA dealmaker came across pretty quickly as somebody who was fair to deal with. He was certainly not a pushover. He was going to get the most for his client, but he was also going to be reasonable. He's very good as a dealmaker." 

Ray Langton, President (Buyer) 

SKM/Applied Technology Partners 


A big part of CFA's value was in getting people interested in our company and getting them to the table. They were definitely worth their fee. 


Jerry Wilharm, President (Seller) 

Circle W Tractor 


By far, the greatest asset CFA brings to the table is their ability to work between both parties and drive the deal to a conclusion both parties are happy with. It's so typical that these deals end up getting personal, with a lot of emotion between the parties. CFA was the perfect buffer between the buyer and us. They kept us focused on the important aspects of the deal, and they acted as a counselor at the same time. They listened to our fears and concerns, they recognized these concerns as real and worth something; then they moved us forward to resolve the issues. 


My work going forward is to implement a strategy of acquisitions and consolidation in this industry. You can be sure I'll use CFA. I won't bother with anyone else. 


Ron Kelling, President (Seller) 

Cooper Manufacturing 


CFA's fee is a lot to pay, but I know I wouldn't have gotten as much money for the business if I'd tried to sell it on my own. 

David Whitney (Seller) 

Corporation Security & Investigations 


CFA dealt with were the people I was interested in selling to. CFA was very persistent. They took seven or eight qualified buyers through the process and ended up with four or five offers. The buyer was an ideal fit; they were at once synergistic buyers and financial partners. I'm satisfied knowing I've sold to someone who understands my business. 


Harry Somermeyer, President (Seller) 

Crown-Line Plastics, Inc. 


Corporate Finance Associates understood exactly what they were selling, and they understood our position. They worked both for the buyer and the seller to try to bring the deal together. They had a lot of patience and determination, because they didn't walk away from the deal or let it die. 


Joe Sullivan (Buyer) 

Crown-Line Plastics, Inc. 


CFA's honesty and sincerity were particular strengths. If they couldn't answer a question, they wouldn't try. But they'd get to the bottom of it. I admit the deal would not have gone through without them.  


Pete Brodkey (Buyer) 




I felt we got our money's worth, especially in terms of how to structure the sale and avoid some of the taxes on it. 

Bill Engler, President (Buyer) 

Diesel Power Equipment 


I was struck by the honesty and trust CFA created. Trust is something that usually has to be earned. When you do business, some people earn it quickly, others never do. CFA and their dealmaker earned my trust right up front. 


A lot of times, when you work with professionals - like accountants and lawyers - the first thing they try to teach is that you don't know anything about their business. CFA is not that way; they were always willing to listen to my ideas and blend them with their own. 

Dr. Jim Butner, President (Seller) 

Doctor's Optical Supply 


I have nothing but good things to say about our interactions with CFA. They are able to represent the interests of their clients well, but at the same time, they are aware of what it takes to get a realistic deal. 


Brad Shapiro, Principal (Buyer) 

C&E Vision Services 


CFA did a great job of keeping the deal together and communicating all issues to all parties. The dealmaker at CFA was on top of everything and made sure both sides knew what was happening every step of the way. CFA was representing the seller in this transaction but they treated us very fairly and understood how important it was to be even-handed. I would recommend them highly. 


Angel Alverez, President (Buyer) 

ABB Optical, Inc. 


The major thing CFA had to offer when I bought this business was information. They're brokers of information and they have a wealth of it. CFA certainly has the reputation and the tools for the job. But ultimately it's the people that make or break a deal, and the CFA dealmaker we hired gets very high marks in that respect. He is very articulate, and he has the personality to talk to anyone and get anyone to talk to him. He was very accessible -I was even able to contact him once when he was on vacation in the Caribbean. CFA was very good at helping to structure and negotiate the deal. And it was not easy. 


Bob Manion, Principal (Buyer) 

Duck Duck Goose! 


Our dealmaker at CFA was responsive to our needs and was always available. He worked with our attorney and CPA to insure a smooth and easy transaction. Whenever we hit a bump in the process, he was there to smooth things out for us. I would recommend him highly. 


Brad Holyoak, President (Seller) 

Eagle Excavation, Inc. 


CFA represented Hettinger Welding, Inc. in its sale to Clearview last fall. We were delighted to find CFA representing Eagle in this add-on transaction. It is a pleasure to work with such a high integrity, hard-working and professional organization.  


Paul Caliento, Principal (Buyer) 

Clearview Capital 



Our dealmaker at Corporate Finance Associates was willing to help in any way he could. He was very service-oriented. I felt like I was #1 in importance all the way. I never felt neglected in favor of other larger clients. I didn't get the feeling I was just a small fish in the pond. He did an incredible job. 


Ted Davis, Owner (Seller) 

ExecuTrain of Nebraska 


CFA was able to achieve the family's wishes. Our dealmaker exercised much professionalism and confidentiality in working with all entities including bankers and attorneys. 


Mathew "Bud" Fleischer, President (Seller) 

Fleischer Manufacturing, Inc.


We originally had hired another intermediary firm and they did not get the job done. We were stunned when the first buyer CFA introduced offered us what we wanted. There are a lot of emotions when you sell the business you started from scratch. There were times I was very tired of the process. At one point, we were ready to walk away from the deal. Our dealmaker was able to come up with a solution and was able to hold the deal together. Our dealmaker did an awesome job; he did everything we asked him to do. He was very smooth and very good. We worked really well together. I would recommend him highly. 


Diana Loeck, Owner (Seller) 

Foam Fabricators, Inc.



We thought CFA did a fantastic job on this deal. Even though they represented the seller, they did a good job of always keeping the deal moving forward. As with all deals, there are always glitches. CFA handled these very, very well, always with the utmost of professionalism. The CFA dealmaker was very sensitive to his client's feelings and did a good job of expressing those to us. It is easy for me to say that without him as the intermediary on this transaction, the deal would never have gotten done. I know if we ever sell this business, we want CFA to sell if for us. 


Tom McNamara, President (Buyer)

Foam Fabricators Acquisition Company

Vice President, Columbine Beverage Company



We had several people interested in buying our business before we ever put it on the market, but we didn't know how to go about selling and they didn't know how to go about buying. We could never have done it on our own. CFA followed through with all the people who had shown an interest. They were very good about it. 


Jan Brockley, Owner (Seller) 

Goodlife Coaches, Tour & Travel, Inc. 



CFA was recommended to us by one of our professional advisors. We had hired another firm and they didn't do anything for us. We hired CFA because their dealmaker impressed us with his understanding of our industry and his attention to what we were trying to accomplish. We had never done anything like this before; our CFA dealmaker took the time to explain every step in the process and prepared us for what was going to happen. Without his help and involvement in the transaction, this deal wouldn't have gotten done. He got us the deal we wanted with the partner we wanted. We couldn't ask for anything more. 


Mark Hettinger, President (Seller) 

Hettinger Welding, Inc. 



The Hettinger Welding transaction was among the smoothest deals we have ever done. Most of the credit has to go to the dealmaker at CFA, who knows how to help buyers and sellers resolve the issues that inevitably arise in any deal. Thanks to his efforts, we were able to close a complex deal, cement our relationship with Hettinger's management and really hit the ground running at the closing." 

Jim Anderson, Managing Partner(Buyer) 

Clearview Capital 



CFA did a good job of analyzing the value of the firm. In the process of negotiating, I think CFA made a strong presentation to the prospective buyer about the value of the company. And they were very professional in handling the problems that arose during the course of the negotiation. 


Bud Nichol, President (Seller) 

Iowa Quality Meats 


What CFA brought to the table that worked the best was their Midwest attitude. They are honest, down-to-earth Midwest business people, and they understand how we in the Midwest think in trying to do transactions. 

Joe Sebring, President (Buyer) 

John Morrell Company 


We had gone with another brokerage firm, but we got nowhere with them. CFA really had a game plan going in. Their blueprint of the sales process was easy to follow, whereas this other company had paperwork that was very difficult to follow. CFA's straightforward information made it easier for us, and I'm sure it made it easier for the buyer as well. 


Doug Fuller, President (Seller) 

Midland Metals, Inc. 


I would say that our dealmaker is quite possibly the best negotiator I've ever met. He's very skilled, eloquent and knowledgeable. I was very impressed with the way he handled and presented our company. As a representative for our company, he never once failed us or let us down. 


Brett Sexson, President (Seller) 



Our dealmaker at CFA asked us what our wishes were and he kept us informed of what was happening. It was a fairly complicated situation - among other things, we were retaining some property, and we were concerned about the future of our employees. Our dealmaker informed himself about our situation and he understood our culture, so he came across very well. The sale was a real win/win. I would recommend CFA and our dealmaker highly. He was careful, diligent and persistent. He did everything in good faith. He really works for his client. 


Vayden Anderson, President (Seller) 

Overland Sand & Gravel 


There is definitely value for an owner to use CFA. We negotiated quite a bit on some items where they helped get more for their client. They were good at keeping the process going, and we were happy with it.  

Their dealmaker gets right to the crux; he doesn't beat around the bush too much. If we needed a broker, I wouldn't have any problem hiring CFA and their dealmaker. That's probably the best compliment I could give. 


Bob Nordquist, President (Buyer) 

Nebco, Inc. 


Sometimes the dealmaker had to help me understand something about the process or the seller's behavior. Our dealmaker never lost sight of the objective, which was to help the seller sell his business. 


Bill Crosson, President (Buyer) 

Planner Pads Company 


There are a lot of bumps in this type of transaction. It's not just about the price. There are issues of timing, patents, financing. Somebody's got to think through them, and that's what CFA did. They helped us waded through the sticky points. 


Rick Heineger, President (Buyer) 

RHS Fertilizing/Spraying Systems 


CFA were the people who first put the idea in my head that I should own my own dealership. CFA and their dealmaker really worked their tails off for me. They helped to put the transaction together and also structure the debt in some ways I wouldn't have thought of. There were a couple of times when I was fed up,but my dealmaker was so direct and relaxed and confident about it. He'd say, "It's no big deal," and then he'd go back to digging and digging. He never gave up. 


Marty Sheridan, President

Sheridan Mazda


I wanted to find someone who was knowledgeable about my industry, who understood the market, who could do proper valuations, who could separate interested parties from "tire kickers," and who could then perform the final negotiations. If I had done these things myself, it would have taken way too much of my time, and I probably would have done a poor job at it. CFA did all those tings, and did them very well. 


Joe Meidlinger, President (Seller) 

Software Production Services 


From the start, we felt very comfortable working with CFA. They properly prepared us and conditioned us in our thinking. They made sure we understood the whole process could take one to five years. They got us thinking about whether we really wanted to do this and got us to the point where we decided we did. There was not just the financial part of our business; there was a cultural part to consider too. Building our business was a very personal thing. We were close to our staff, and we didn't want drastic changes for them. We wanted them to be well taken care of. So finding a good cultural fit was important to us as well. The companies CFA presented to us as potential acquirers had that fit. What was great about CFA was that they had gone through all these different situations in their experience, so they were able to advise us how to handle each roadblock along the way. CFA has a proven system and a way to reach potential buyers. If we had tried to sell our business on our own, we would not have had any of the resources CFA uses in its process. 


Jim & Carol Townsend, Owners (Seller) 

Sunrise Enterprises 



My dealmaker helped secure the financing, and craft the financing structure so that I could afford to repay the debt. The deal could have fallen apart several times, and he was able to pull it out of the fire and resuscitate it. 

Tony Wald, President (Buyer) 

The Thompson Company 


Everything CFA did for me was above board. They found people who were interested in buying my two companies and got the job done. I'd absolutely recommend them. If I was going to sell a business today, CFA would be the first company I'd talk to." 


Otto Schneider, President (Seller)

Weller Plastics Company

Weller Fishing Tackle Company


A lot of people will make promises, but the question is whether they will be able to come through and do what they promise. CFA told us what we should ask for the company; they told us how and where to sell the company; and they told us how long it would take. And they came through. They were right on the money. 

Syd Thompson, Co-Founder (Seller) 

Woody Sports 

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